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The ability to ask good questions, no doubt, is an important skill. (And one that needs to be taught in schools at the expense of "teaching to the test" with its short, multiple-choice answers.) However, one of the advantages of a good question is that it compels one to seek an answer. This journey toward a resolution is where one does most of the learning. Peering in as somebody else makes this effort is also quite effective. In your Jan. 3 Pop "pablum" editorial, you ask a lot of questions but never make an attempt at answering them yourself. I must profess to believe to know where you stand on some of these issues (questions), but why leave it to me? Convince me why I should "Keep [my] money here" even if the product is (potentially) of poorer quality and at a higher price? Explain why I can't watch "The Biggest Loser" when you seem to have spent a number of hours scrutinizing The Three Stooges. Not exactly the MacNeil/Lehrer Report, is it? Give reasons why good capitalists shouldn't put their business interests first? The proverbial breadmaker doesn't toil away near a hot stove for humanitarian reasons. S/he does it to make money and I thank him whenever I down a Reuben or tuna melt. I'm all for the questioning of authority you mention in your final paragraph, but my focus isn't on the "spewing" media, but the largest American employer: the U.S. Federal Government. Four million strong, and a large contingent of them are sometimes "sent overseas," too. (Is this due to a lack of patriotism?) Don't get me wrong, I'm keeping a close vigil on our "media conglomerates," as well, realizing quite late in life that they, like 'big business' and politicians, simply give '.the People.' what we want. Now a question for you: was Winston Churchill on to something when he grumbled, "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter"? Phil Guidrey Longmeadow
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