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Reader Appreciates Publishers' Note

I do share the weekly [publishers'] columns with people with whom I converse, because it reflects every day living and a way to face the trepidations with which we all must contend. The "When You Thought I Wasn't Looking" segment was especially moving because there were times when my family was young, I would say "I'm talking to the lamp post again," nobody listens to the "old man." I was wrong. They were not only listening, they were watching. In later years they would remind me of things I did and said. (I have three great kids.) One must try to teach children values that will sustain them in life; honesty, integrity, etc. By the way they are presented to them every day. I had a bit of a delay in starting this editorial because the old eyeballs were a bit moist. Nobody saw it, and if this appears in print, I don't care who knows it because these were real feelings from events that transpired in years past. As the article in the Reminder said, whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle, whatever; you have an obligation to encourage young people to do things "with a bit of class." I have shared feelings and values with young people when I worked (with UPS) and it is most gratifying when they remind you of something you said that enabled them to meet a dilemma in their lives. I also try to do this with the music I play (Old Post Road Orchestra, Holyoke Civic Symphony, Resurrection Airman Country Band) and with whom I speak at the performances. Chris and Dan, I thank you for providing me with this opportunity to express my feelings and I encourage people to do the same. E. Anthony Mosio Springfield
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