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Record conflicts with statements

Nov. 2, 2012 |

From your article on the Boldyga-DiSanti match-up ("Boldyga-DiSanti ready arsenals."), one would think that the most important issue in the State Representative race is how many barbeques the candidates have attended. Certainly a representative should be accessible, and I was pleased to read that State Rep. Nicholas Boldyga wrote 4,000 thank-you postcards. His politeness is commendable, but much more important is how he votes on Beacon Hill. Boldyga's website claims to offer "information about my legislative efforts in Boston," but I searched the site in vain for specifics. Other than his mission to require "mandatory random drug and alcohol testing" of welfare recipients, the words are from H.3403, the one state-wide bill that Boldyga has initiated since he was elected, his site has a link to the Legislature's home page, not directly to his personal profile. To find his activities, one must first navigate to his profile page, where his sponsored bills appear first. Still curious, I clicked on the pull-down tab and found his co-sponsored bills. What I read there shocked me. No wonder he keeps these "legislative efforts" off his website and out of his ads. Joining an extremist minority in the legislature, Boldyga has co-sponsored a long list of bills that demonize welfare recipients, interfere in women's health decisions, and pander to the gun lobby and paranoiacs. To uncover this agenda, you have to be persistent enough to read the actual texts of the bills, which have innocent-sounding titles such as "relating to the common defense" and "a woman's right to know." The former turns out to be a duplicate of Florida's infamous "Stand Your Ground" law the one that has resulted in numerous vigilante-style killings such as that of Trayvon Martin. Boldyga advertises his three-year stint on the Simsbury police force as a qualification for office, but police and prosecutors across the country oppose these laws, which keep them from doing their job! As one prosecutor said, the Stand Your Ground law "ties our hands" and gives a free rein to vigilantes and cop-wannabes. Why does Boldyga think this law is right for our state? Do we really want to encourage Massachusetts citizens to shoot each other? The deceptively-named "woman's right to know" bill forces doctors to subject women considering abortion to a gauntlet of interrogation and harassment including, among several such requirements, showing her "color photographs or if a representative photograph is not available, realistic drawings of the developing unborn child at two week increments." This sounds like something out of Communist China. It never ceases to amaze me that folks who talk about "less government" want to put themselves right in your doctor's office, interfering with your most intimate and private decisions! I guess Boldyga and friends don't believe in doctor-patient confidentiality. He also co-sponsored a bill that would "prohibit the confiscation of lawfully owned firearms during a state of emergency." Honestly, do we want legislators spending our tax dollars on bills like this? I find it odd that someone with such a hostile attitude toward the government can want so badly to stay in it. Jocelyn Linnekin

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