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Brian Ashe seriously misrepresented my voting record in a letter to the Longmeadow News and in an email sent to voters. The truth is that I have been a consistent voter for my entire adult life. Furthermore, I have volunteered and worked hard in campaigns that I thought were worthy. It is unclear to me why Rep. Ashe is publishing information which is clearly false, such as claiming I did not vote in the special election in January. Brian Ashe would prefer that people question my voting record as a private citizen, rather than question his voting record as a public servant. The real question is whether Rep. Ashe has voted for the best interests of our district. Brian Ashe, who claims to be an "independent Democrat," has voted over 90 percent of the time with the Beacon Hill leadership. He cast the deciding vote in the House to keep the "hack holidays," which gives Suffolk County state workers an additional two paid days off. This vote cost the state 5 million dollars at a time when the Legislature was voting to slash aid to our towns and schools. He has consistently been in favor of raising taxes, voting for increases six times over his two years at Beacon Hill. He even voted to re-elect Sal DiMasi as Speaker of the House when there was clear evidence of wrongdoing. Mr. DiMasi was forced to resign only weeks later. These votes show that Rep. Ashe cares more about pleasing the Beacon Hill politicians and special interests than in properly representing the people of the Second Hampden District. If elected, I will vote for and will speak for the people of our District and the needs of our towns. I will address the problems our towns are facing with healthcare costs, the struggles of small businesses and the stagnant job market. We need leadership in these uncertain times, not politics as usual. Marie Angelides Candidate for State Representative Second Hampden District
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