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Rep. Ashe's misleading photo op

April 9, 2012 Politicians love spending other people's money. They also enjoy the great photo ops that arise when taxpayer-funded programs are first implemented. A great example of this was in the Reminder on Monday [April 2]. Under the headline "Fire Dept. secures grant for radios" is a picture of three politicians standing in front of a fire truck. Foremost in the picture is Rep. Brian Ashe. Anyone seeing the photo would assume that Ashe played a major role in securing the $320,000 fire-department grant discussed in the article. Ashe, however, did nothing to secure the federal funding. The money was fought for and obtained by Selectmen Driscoll, Congressman Neal and Chief Brady. Mr. Ashe did nothing but arrive in time to have his picture taken with a fire truck. I realize it's an election year. But let's reserve our praise and respect for those who've earned it. If you had nothing to do with someone's accomplishments then keep out of their moment of recognition. It's the least you could do. J. R. McCarthy Wilbraham Bookmark and Share