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Let us honestly answer some questions. Who is truly responsible for the mortgage lending disaster that helped lead to an even greater economic disaster? What has truly caused the price of oil to increase, also leading to the increases in food and other goods and services. In other words what is it that has threatened to impact our way of life in such a negative way. Well it is the ideology promoted by the Occupy Wall Street crowd, their political masters George Soros, Barak Obama and their allies in the progressive media. This travesty was caused by the 1968 Fair Housing Act by Lyndon Johnson, the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act by Jimmy Carter and the 1994 regulatory revisions to that act by Bill Clinton. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in their infamous law of 2010 punished the private sector while protecting the public sector. These acts forced institutions to lend money to poor risk borrowers or face penalties. They forced banks and their customers to pay for the transgressions of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. The responsible many now had to pay the bills for the irresponsible few. Our tax dollars were used to bail out institutions favored by the likes of Obama, Dodd and Frank. such as Goldman Sachs and the forced acquisition of Countrywide by bank of America. In the 2008 TARP act the former administration was also guilty. Of course all they did was give into the progressive tide. By their own definition, as well as that of their allies, most Americans would be no where near the “99.” However the vast majority strongly identify and sympathize with the mores of Tea Party. Our people do not get paid for appearing at these rallies. Local officials never provided us with water or other items. We would have refused it if offered. There are no similarities between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. To most people that is greatly evident. Just look at the treatment each is accorded by progressive media outlets. The Occupy crowds and their sympathizers never listen to us or the real majority of American citizens. Occupy supporters are forced to admit there is a “lunatic fringe ideology” in their ranks. Just look at the signs they carry and the chants they shout, no surprise they have been endorsed by the Communist Party. I find it erroneous and duplicitous to denounce the Tea Party while extolling the so called merits of Occupy, “our own demonstration.” We have not engaged in aggressive or violent behavior nor violated the rights of property owners. Nor we do cause traffic jams and intimidate people on their way to work. We do not march mob fashion in the gang style of 1793 France or 1919 Russia. I know Mr. Dobbs is not part of the broadcast media but he should understand they have a few minutes for an interview. The Occupy crowd showed no respect for either the people working downtown, pedestrians or the proprietors. They certainly had no respect for the police as they attempted to seize the Bank of America branch office. Sending down three wagons of full of violates is hardly routine, the chief must feel the pressure to be diplomatic. In larger cities the Occupy invasions have been much more violent. If those are the tactics the supporters of Occupy, such as Dobbs, support the problems are deeper than those seen on the surface. It is they who lack the experience and understanding of the majority of Americans. In fact, they blame us for the trouble they cause while simultaneously demonstrating their utter contempt. It is they with their cell phones and i pads who do not understand the struggles most of us have. They hide behind human shields they exploit themselves. I doubt they or Dobbs have an idea how the common man lives. The only “spewing” taking place comes from the Occupy forces their political patrons and their media allies. Richard Howell Wilbraham Bookmark and Share
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