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Re-thinking Downtown

"Re-thinking Downtown Westfield" is top of mind with the residents of Westfield. Results of a recent Westfield Stakeholder survey conducted on March 4 - 6 stated, "Westfield residents are ready and excited to make the necessary changes to improve their downtown." These stakeholders identified many considerations on the path to economic and development transformation, one of which is the incorporation of Westfield State College student housing and classes as an integral part of the process. The Westfield Chamber of Commerce would like to voice its support for the inclusion of Westfield State College as part of the formula that will lead to downtown success. Westfield State's need to increase its student housing by potentially moving students and some classes to downtown can serve as one of the catalysts for re-development of the whole downtown. The idea of creating 'communiversity,' the current term for partnerships between universities and their home cities, works well for both parties by providing an economic engine for the city and enabling the college to expand its learning opportunities beyond the classroom through internships and volunteer work, that by definition engages the community. There is much work to be done by both sides of the partnership as opportunities are identified and processes emerge. The Westfield Chamber is excited and energized by the College's desire and enthusiasm to be part of the catalyst to get things done and we appreciate their engagement as this next phase of Westfield's history unfolds. Lynn Boscher Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
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