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Retirement isn't a bad thing

May 7, 2012 The article about the interview with Joan Rivers by G. Michael Dobbs is a topic that has many opinions and variations (Prime-May). If someone likes what they are doing for a living, then it's an excellent idea to keep going as long as possible. However, for one reason or another, most people retire. The statement of nothing to do after retirement is a sad one. One can get to do things that there was no time for, or could not be part of life at that time. There are countless activities at churches, schools, senior centers, that will enable a person to be associated with people of all ages. One who played music can once again do so in orchestras that perform for fund-raisers for church, schools, and various organizations. Two such musical groups are "The Old Post Road Orchestra," under the direction fo Juli Sansoucy and "The Pioneer Valley Fiddlers," under the direction of Chris Keenan. Anyone may join and play music with those two groups. Also there is time to watch what is going on in the political agenda, write editorials, and analyze the ostentatious disparities thrust upon us. As for G. Michael Dobbs, retirement I hope is a long way off. We need you to do what you are doing and the sounds of your analysis of what is transpiring gives continuity to the ambiguous disparities so they can be understood. To all retired persons, stay active, and good luck. E. Anthony Mosio Springfield Bookmark and Share
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