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Rich need to pay their fair share

Regarding your column in The Reminder of Dec. 6th, I couldn't agree with you more! Sarah Palin is indeed being shoved down our throats and it's getting more difficult to avoid her! I am a (or was) a "Dancing with the Stars" fan and could barely get through the season having to watch as talented "stars" were voted off and the untalented, boring Bristol danced on and on. I, too, cannot understand why TLC also has to enter the political arena by by promoting Sarah Palin. I am disappointed in President Obama for so quickly agreeing to extend the tax cuts for all — how are we to pay for ongoing wars, extension of unemployment benefits (which, of course, we need) and pay down the debt without paying an increased tax. The very rich need to pay their fair share, that seems obvious! Connie Robinson Wilbraham