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Saving Bement Camp

Spring is here and Bement is silent. For 60 years, this time of year would bring the stirrings of activity at Bement the camp would be waking up from its winter slumber. Buildings would be opened up to the fresh spring air, crews would erect tents and put boats back into the lake. Soon additional staff members and friends would appear to assemble the docks to give them time to settle into place in the lake. Within a few weeks it would be time for the arrival of excited children to camp, some for the first time and some for reunions with friends of many years. There will be no children at camp this year, maybe never again. No more children will know the joys of making new Bement friends, walking the cool shaded trails or gathering with the rest of the campers on the beach for a campfire with songs, laughter and friendship. No longer will campers feel the mixed emotions of awe and sadness seeing the line of candle-lit silhouettes leaving the chapel and walking towards cabins after the closing candle light service. Bement is silent. But now at Bement the only activity is the comings and goings of the caretaker and the occasional visit of real estate agents to show the property to potential buyers. Joyful summers at Bement will be over forever without your help. Please join with the children of Bement and save our beloved camp. Come to savebement.org and help the Bement Alumni Association and renew the joys of summer at Bement for future children. Together we can save Bement. The Bement Alumni Association
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