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Say no to iPads

Feb. 6, 2014 |

Even with a $20 million surplus in various city accounts, Chicopee’s tax rate went up. Again. In spite of vows to reduce non-essential city spending, requests for non-budgeted items has started, this one originating in the City Council where those promises were made. A city councilor wants the taxpayers to provide the council members expensive iPads to reduce paperwork. This type of non-budgeted, non-essential city spending has to stop. If some city council members feel they need an iPad, let them purchase it from their $12,000 in annual salaries (about $50 an hour based on a high side 20-hour work week). They can purchase a small laptop or tablet at far less than the cost of the least expensive iPad. Such devises can and should be purchased with their own money based on their personal needs just as their constituents do when communication devices are necessary outside our workplace. Tax dollars should not subsidize iPads that can be used for some, regardless of how little, personal use by any elected official. If approved by the City Council, this would be an excellent opportunity for veto by the mayor. Jim Raschilla Chicopee

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