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Schools practice censorship

Feb. 7, 2013 |

Speaking about "censorship" (the subject of last weeks editorial), the ongoing wholesale banning of literature from public schools that mentions anything positive about the God of the Bible is a perfect example of uncompromising, hardcore censorship. In almost every public school district across the nation, the curricula has been thoroughly "scrubbed clean" of any and every hint of God and His righteousness. It didn't used to be that way. In the 1970s, two Christian gents decided to put things back into its proper, original place by writing a book entitled "The Light and The Glory." At my first slow reading of this riveting book I felt suddenly rich in the knowledge of my Christian American heritage. It was like some thief was skimming my savings account for decades without my knowing it until one day the thief was apprehended with his fingers in the cookie jar and all of the money was returned to me in one lump sum with compound, quarterly interest. Almost half of "The Light and The Glory" is devoted to events that took place in The Bay Colony (Massachusetts), and rightfully so, because this is where most of the early nation-building action took place. Getting rid of the TV and snuggling up with an edifying book is a new, refreshing trend that is developing. This past November I did my third slow read in 15 years of this riveting book. Also, there is a precious remnant of Christians (particularly homeschoolers) who have long ago abandoned the multi-cultural, self esteem approach to education and have included the children's version of "The Light and The Glory" by Marshall and Manuel in their U.S. History requirement. Sadly, many Christians are surface feeders and settle for the censored (mangled and contrived) version of our nation's founding. I mean, why settle for "the trooth" when with a little digging you can savor and be edified with The Truth? William Santy Chicopee

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