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July 2, 2013 |

I was mentioned in an editorial, by Robert Joseph Underwood that had me happy with our present system of dealing with drug raids and police work. The drug trade will not be eliminated because it is an ongoing thing; any more than bank robberies, car thefts, etc. will be done away with. The idea is to control them. I'm not happy with the Republicans because of their policy of always favoring the wealthy. Democrats are more for the regular people. Certainly not the Tea Party, whose ambiguous ideas are exercises in futility. We must see to it that our rights are protected, but also we must allow the people protecting those rights to do their job. The Boston bombing was really a terrorist attack. It was stated in the editorial (my name was mentioned in) that an ordinary citizen found the terrorist. Is this person suggesting we all go looking for terrorists, and other criminals in our society with a pistol on our belt? The Boston bombings were done by people who had contact with foreign elements. Those foreign elements are also in this country. We must all work together to preserve our way of life. Jesse Jackson once made a memorable statement, a so to speak type thing. He said, "We may not have all come over on the same boat, but all of us are in the same boat." We would do well to remember that as we analyze the events of transgression and ambiguity that present us with a paradox of the events in our everyday world. E. Anthony Mosio Springfield

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