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9:07:08 AM
I agree with your 'seek cooperation'. Understand we believe in some reforms that don't cost anyone anything! Isn't that a great place to start considering our financial mess we are in? Let's start with some basics:

And yes this is an area we both agree upon - No pre-existing health issue asked when getting insurance.

Just to name a few and the bill cost for getting these passed - ZERO!

I would love to see this and we can all see where the health care cost go, DOWN.

There are alot of plans through out our great Country that are so much lower cost than the choices we have here in MA. Competition is great for cost control!

Can we agree that the cooperation needs to also cost nothing, no pork, no dollars for their vote, no money added to the national dept.

Of course they can always do what is a no brainer and should already be doing is stopping the corruption within the medicaid/medicare, etc... Billions of dollars are being lost, takin out of your and mine pocket due to corruption that the government wants to write a bill to fix... should they just be doing that?

Willing to seek cooperation when the cost are nothing.
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