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Shame on you, Longmeadow

With regards to the recent power outage, Longmeadow offered it’s residents minimal support. The first suggestion was to go to Chicopee High School. This on Sunday night,when roads were treacherous from snow, downed wires and trees. Then a day later Center School was opened from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. as a warming center. At 5 p.m. everyone had to go back to their cold dark houses. Around late week the high school was open for people to sleep over in. They offered a cot and three meals. However, after dinner you couldn’t even get a cold drink of water. In contrast, East Longmeadow immediately opened Birchland Park Middle school on Sunday night. They provided sleeping quarters, three meals a day, and juices, milk, and bottled water all night long. They had two nurses on staff 24 hours. Between the high school kids who were helping out and the adults on staff, the shelter was run with great organization. On Friday when the school closed, the East Longmeadow Senior Center opened its doors for Friday and Saturday nights. Hopefully, East Longmeadow will come over to teach Longmeadow how to provide for its residents in time of crisis. Barbara Gordon Longmeadow Bookmark and Share
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