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When I opened my Reminder today, I was dismayed to see the picture of Dr. Edward Costa in "crosshairs" on page one. No matter what may be going on in the politics of this town, or one's personal feelings regarding our Superintendent of Schools, it is inappropriate and offensive to see his picture as though he is a target to be shot. Gun violence is all too common in the Springfield area, and I am shocked that someone at The Reminder would even feel it was permissible to print this picture of Dr. Costa. I would like to point out that had a student circulated such a picture of a teacher or other student, you can be sure the responsible party would have been reprimanded or suspended for such behavior, which could be interpreted as "threatening" or "bullying." I feel that at the very least, an apology is owed to Dr. Costa as well as your readers. Carolyn J. Bliss East Longmeado
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