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Spring brings new focus on animal safety

Spring is here and we aren't the only ones in a hurry to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Our canine friends are in just as big a hurry to roam the great outdoors after a long winter cooped up inside. Since the weather has taken a turn for the better, the police department and the animal control officers have seen an outstanding influx of calls regarding complaints and strays. We need to remember first and foremost for the safety of our companion animals to abide by the leash law. This spring has already seen two canine fatalities caused by automobiles. Not only is it unsafe to let your pet roam, it is illegal. The town has bylaws that protect your pets and your neighbors' lawns. So please take this into consideration when walking your four legged friends. Always carry waste removal bags and clean up after your dog. The spring is also time to renew your dog license. This is an easy way for officers to identify your dog if he is lost or hurt, and again it is the law. And finally, while everyone knows dogs bark, there is a bylaw that addresses what is considered nuisance barking; barking for long period of time and/or barking very early in the morning or very late at night. There are fines that will be strictly enforced regarding all of the above bylaws. Please show consideration to your neighbors and respect for your community. If you would like a copy of the town bylaws, contact the East Longmeadow Selectman's Office. Animal Control Officers Dawn Herbele and Jessica O'Brien East Longmeadow
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