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Stop the One-Party System

I was one of the citizens who was very frustrated by trying to call my representative and both senators to voice my opposition to the health care bill that is now being resolved behind closed doors. My calls, e-mails and faxes all went unreceived and unaccepted by those in Washington whose salaries I pay. They clearly did not want to hear from me. I tried to call and e-mail the White House to express my outrage when known terrorists are brought to our shores, conferred rights reserved for Americans and assigned lawyers to represent them in our court system at taxpayers expense. Again the lines were busy and the mail boxes were full. On Jan. 19 I will have one last opportunity to have my voice heard when I go to the polls to vote for the vacant U.S. Senate seat. I will be casting my ballot for Scott Brown. Why? Because he has vowed to vote against the health care bill if given the chance. He has come out against jihadists being tried here on the soil of the people they are out to kill. He is against growing government and taxpayer funded abortions. That means he doesn't think that I should be forced to pay for something that is fundamentally wrong to me. He has also vowed to receive phone calls, e-mails and faxes from his bosses. In Massachusetts our problems are many, but none more damaging than the corrupt one-party system that rules this Commonwealth. Unless we stand up and put a stop to this political travesty we can expect to see our tax rate increase, only to be out done by the number of indicted politicians that we are paying for. Linda Fitzgerald East Longmeadow
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