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Story Lacks Perspective

The Dec. 14 edition of The Reminder featured a front cover story on the CODEPINK "march for freedom" and a Western Mass group "taking a stand for the people of Gaza." I was dismayed in reading this article to find it to be a totally one-sided account of the events of the Gaza hostilities last year. At no point is there an attempt by the reporter to counter any of the claims and perspectives of those quoted in this article. (For more, I suggest the reader look up the organization CAMERA Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America Web site: www.camera.org). So for slight balance I will include the following quote, written in response to the Goldstone Report, the U.N. investigation into Gaza, the Israeli Government stated: "In the eyes of the authors of the Report, Israel's operation in Gaza had nothing to do with the 12,000 rockets and mortars fired by Hamas over eight years on towns and villages inside Israel, nor with the fact that close to one million Israeli citizens had to live their lives within seconds of bomb-shelters because they were in range of Hamas attacks. Nor, in their view, did it have anything to do with the smuggling of weapons and ammunition to terrorist groups through hundreds of tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border. Indeed, neither the right to self defense nor the smuggling of weapons into the Gaza Strip are even mentioned in the Report. Rather, the Report advances a narrative which ignores the threats to Israeli civilians, as well as Israel's extensive diplomatic and political efforts to avoid the outbreak of hostilities. In this narrative self defense finds no place ..." Please, do not attempt to cover this complicated and controversial topic without making an attempt to provide your readers with multiple points of view. There are many resources available to do so, including an Israel Desk at the Jewish Community Center in Springfield. Steven Kessler, MD, East Longmeadow
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