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I was very happy with The Reminder's coverage of the Pioneer Valley Planning Counsel's presentation of plans for expansion of local rail service. The planned rail service will be an essential step to economic growth in the region. We will not only see new businesses come to the area because employees would have easier access to Boston and New York, but Western Massachusetts could become the home to people working in urban areas. The planned rail system through the Knowledge Corridor would solve a problem that numerous students have which is transportation in and out of the area. Connecting them to Montreal and local colleges would become more attractive to prospective students. To see the importance of the planned expansion, just look at the map, Springfield is the planned epicenter for expansion. As a hub for Boston, New York, and Montreal there are myriad possibilities for the future. For those people who discount the future of railroads look around the world. As fossil fuel oil become prohibitive, rail travel becomes not only attractive, but essential. Tens of millions of dollars is being invested in the region not only for passenger, but freight railways. Rail travel will not only become affordable, but essential. Springfield is in a great location for the rebirth of the railroad! Marie Angelides Longmeadow Candidate for State Representative, 2nd Hampden
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