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June 18, 2014 |

In the column entitled “Pro- or anti-casino? Make up your mind,” Michael Dobbs addresses some of the differing results in casino polls in Massachusetts that indicate changing views. I believe that the reference to the lengthy process that has been involved in the gaming commission making this decision is a key factor in this shift in opinion.

Initiatives such as this one seem to begin with a lot of energy on both sides of the issue and as time goes on and the bureaucratic process bogs everything and everyone down I believe that people simply become tired from the process rather than from the concept itself. It seems to me that on both sides of this debate it has become more challenging to keep the level of emotion – pro and con – at a high pitch primarily due to the incredible amount of time that it has taken the gaming commission to actually act on the MGM proposal.

I would have to think that if anyone in the business world had to make a major decision about any project that would impact on their business that decision would have been made long ago. Government seems to be the only venue in which time does not seem to matter when decisions have to be made.

People who know me know that I have been an advocate of the MGM proposal – not just the casino – from the very first meeting that MGM had here that I attended. My comments here have nothing to do with my position on this item but rather have to do with the fact that it seems unfair to all who are involved on both sides of the issue to have it drag on and on because of bureaucracy which simply eats up tax dollars.

The simple fact is that such decisions should never take so long if the real interest in making those decisions is what is best for the people of this area, no matter what their views may be and no matter what the final decision may be.

Allen G. Zippin

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