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Swan song of thanks to DPW

This letter is to thank the D.P.W. workers for all they do in town. I can't begin to know the schedule they have to keep up with. I am proud to live in East Longmeadow. I was at the Heritage Pond Thursday morning, Dec. 2, and I noticed that there was only one swan. I immediately thought something awful had happened to it. Later I saw two of the D.P.W. guys by the pond house and asked them what happened to the missing swan. "Oh, he said, (I didn't ask them their names, you guys know who you are) the other swan is at the sanctuary already and he was fine." He also said that they were having a hard time catching the swan still at the pond. They have a great plan that one of them feeds the swan and the other quietly puts the net over the swan. They told me that after they had gotten the first swan, the one still here was very wise to them now and it had been a few weeks they were trying to catch it with no luck. They were both concerned because of the safety of the swan if the ice froze, not to mention that the swans must miss each other. Well, yesterday they had their day — after two missed tries the third try they got the net over the swan. With a shout of joy and a high five to each other those were two happy D.P.W. men. It was very exciting to watch and I thank both of you for catching the swan with much gentleness and concern. I imagine that I was not the only one who thought about where the second swan was, now we know. Now when we look at the pond and see no swans we will all be glad to know the swans are safe and together again at their winter home. Happiness to everyone this holiday season! Sherry Mckeon East Longmeadow
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