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May 30, 2014 |

Westfield has a long and proud history of excellent representation. For the last twenty years the 2nd Hampden and Hampshire District has been well represented by State Senators Mike Knapik and now Don Humason.

From 1989 to 1991, I worked on two of Steve Pierce’s campaigns, and 1994 on Mike Knapik’s first campaign for State Senate. In the process, I came to meet, work with and have great respect for Don Humason. Don is recognized all over the state and our district, as one of the hardest working legislators.

Needless to say I was greatly disappointed when I read a statement attributed to candidate for state senate Patrick Leahy of Holyoke. I have never said that cuts in local aid were because of “a lack of leadership and representation in Westfield”

May I remind everyone that the Massachusetts State Lottery was created to provide revenues for the cities for education, fire and police. In the last 5 years, the state budget has grown by six billion dollars, while the state has cut Local Aid to cities and towns by $645 million dollars.

Westfield has lost nearly a million dollars a year for five years in a row. This has helped lead to increasing property taxes, and is not helping our local economy. Last year, the state had a surplus of over $900 million dollars. It could have used a small portion of those funds and restored local aid to every city and town. It did not! It was Republicans who fought for more local aid, not the Democrats!

Instead, the state raised taxes by half a billion dollars and increased the tolls on the Massachusetts Pike. Both actions in my opinion were unnecessary and were opposed by Representative and now Sen. Humason.

It is the waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement of one party rule in Boston that has led to cuts in local aid and other services. To help fight the mismanagement and wasting of our tax dollars, State Senator Humason endorsed me as a candidate for State Representative.

In the end, the truth will always shine.

Dan Allie

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