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At the May 3 Longmeadow Select Board meeting three members of the board refused to allow a vote to be taken for or against endorsing the state recommended new high school project. Surely they must have an opinion after two years of this highly publicized project being evaluated and discussed at great length by proponents and opponents in print and at public forums. What were these selectmen afraid of, having to make a decision and allowing democracy to actually work? The School Committee voted on this project after receiving recommendations from the school superintendent, state engineers, architects and construction professionals. There certainly has been ample opportunity for these selectmen to have educated themselves and formulated an opinion which they have a responsibility to provide to their constituents. Have they been living in a cave? Apparently these selectmen believe that citizens work for them and they owe them nothing. Or perhaps they're just cowards who like to play cheap political games and are unwilling to discharge the duties and responsibilities of public office. Selectmen Santaniello, Gold and Scibelli have shown that they do not have the necessary character and political courage to represent us. We truly deserve a lot better leadership than this charade and low quality of government. Please express your displeasure to them and strongly request that they grow a backbone or resign from their positions. Joe Aberdale Longmeadow
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