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Taxed to the Marxist hilt

Since 1958 I have been watching the political ebb and flow between tax payers and tax takers, but have never seen anything quite spine-tingling as the current set of factors leading up to the November elections. We are now seeing the standard flurry of reports from local governments about how terrible it will be if there is a reduction in the state sales tax. For decades, those who lobby for higher taxes have stoked the embers of fear stating that fire and police protection and public safety would be jeopardized unless taxes are raised. But the "big gun" they always bring up is the children and how terrible it would be for children if taxes are not increased. There are strong indications, however, that things will be different this time around. Many in the private sector are taxed to the Marxist hilt and can no longer endure the confiscation of their hard earned money. There is a desperation that is giving rise to what we might call "The Battle of The Big Guns." Private sector folks have discovered that they have children of their own and are very concerned about their economic future. The economy is in shambles because of excessive taxes, and their kids will have to foot-the-bill for public sector employees some of whom earn upwards to 40 percent more than their private sector counterpart; not to mention the fact that many of those in the public sector on a federal, state and local level are grossly underworked. But the real gut-wrencher in the Battle of the Big Guns involves the mantra "It's for the children." If they are so concerned about the wellbeing of children, why did those who work in the public sector vote overwhelmingly for Obama who supports child sacrifice through abortion in all three trimesters, and in the case of a botched abortion, once voted in favor of allowing the baby to remain unattended until it breathed its last? William Santy Chicopee
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