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Tell president and congress to get back to work

March 6, 2013 |

President Obama has approached the sequester with the sensitivity of a labor boss. We have all been threatened with teacher layoffs, airport delays, national park closures, military and border patrol cutbacks, illegal immigrant jail releases – the list goes on and on. More to come. The president has even refused to consider legislation that has been offered that would give him the authority to spread budget cuts to non-essential government services. The sad thing is that the American people are the target and victims of the threats. Unnecessary and shameful! What's next – an administration manufactured government strike against the American population until the president gets his way? It is no wonder that the American people feel a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in the face of an out of touch federal government. Let's tell President Obama and our legislators to get back to the hard work of fashioning a budget that includes the spending cuts everyone knows are needed and sensible tax policies so that we can insure a growing, strong and prosperous America for ourselves and future generations. That is where most Americans are. Dean Rogeness Longmeadow

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