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Tennis courts need work

Aug. 28, 2013 |

I love the town of East Longmeadow. It is our adopted home now for almost 21 years, and we have raised our two sons here. I am not a tennis player, but my sons are, and they have enjoyed being on the East Longmeadow High School tennis team where anyone who wants to play can be on the team. We have a wonderful group of young men and women. In fact, our women made it to the Western Massachusetts tennis championship. Our tennis courts sit between our school building and our brand new track/sports field. I don’t know how or why they were overlooked when our town was in the process of renovating the sports field. (Something about redoing the courts when the parking lot is paved.) But the surface of a parking lot is not suitable for a tennis court. And the courts now have tufts of grass growing in the jagged cracks that crisscross the playing surface. This makes it unsafe for players, and unsuitable for the game. I am embarrassed that our students have to practice and compete on courts that are unsafe and unsuitable. We have players with integrity and dignity. They understand the principles of good sportsmanship. They are competitive and would like to win because that is in our nature, but they learn discipline and citizenship from playing a sport that they can continue to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Let’s do something to improve the condition of our courts so that our children have a safe place to play where they can lift up their heads and be proud that they are from a great town that instills good values and takes care of all of its citizens. Let’s make the courts that sit next to our high school a place where all of the citizens in East Longmeadow can enjoy and safely play if they chose to do so. Lisa Kessler East Longmeadow

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