Thank you Senator Candaras

February 13, 2012

I would like to thank Senator [Gale] Candaras for appearing in front of the Longmeadow Select Board and her advocacy for the Town of Longmeadow regarding storm relief.

This has been an unprecedented year replete with weather related disasters and challenges to our communities. Many towns, such as Longmeadow, have turned to short term emergency borrowing. Statutorily, short term emergency borrowing has been limited to two years. Through Senator Candaras' work, a supplemental budget is on the governor's desk, which includes a provision extending emergency borrowing to 10 years. This significant and important relief for the towns is vital as we navigate our way through the lengthy FEMA reimbursement process. Senator Candaras' work is a crucial step in Longmeadow's recovery. Going forward, it is important the unprecedented events of the past year, and the subsequent extraordinary financial burdens the towns face, are considered during the crafting of the State Budget in 2012. We look forward to working with Senator Candaras.

Marie Angelides

Board of Selectmen


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