Voters rights violated

Thank you for your recent comment that the political climate in Chicopee is a little “charged” or “toxic.” That seems a bit understated since the forged signatures on the petition now bring the general public into the fray.

What’s the beef? The actions of those creating forged documents on the petition to place a question on the ballot regarding a four-year term for mayor violated the voters civil rights and political rights to participate in a valid, honest, and open election.

For anyone for any reason to attempt to change something as important as the city charter through subterfuge and just plain cheating by forging signatures – identity theft – should be enough to make the blood boil of any resident interested in the democratic process of government. This open and blatant attempt to cheat the voters of Chicopee due process at the polls is just what you called it – “toxic” – and hopefully it has “charged” the voters with the desire to make a major change to honest government in November.

Regardless of the outcome of the November election, there can be no excuses here. Someone has to be held accountable to the full extent of the law regarding fraud, identity theft, and civil rights and political rights violations. Hopefully, the attorney general’s office will be able to bring the person or persons responsible to justice. Or that failing, perhaps the F.B.I. can.

Otherwise, the nickname for Chicopee my father introduced me to, “Little Chicago,” will still define our city. And, as you have pointed out, the political arena that currently exists will remain and continue to be “charged” and “toxic” until the voters say “enough is enough.” It should be apparent to the voters that time has come.

Jim Raschilla


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