Westover Job Corps teaches financial literacy

As the financial situation in our country continues to be quite "challenging," to say the least, I felt I should forward a few comments on how the Westover Job Corps Center educates our young adults in financial literacy.

The staff of the Westover Job Corps Center unselfishly lends their expertise in the education of our youth to better manage their money. Areas such as smart money management, balancing a checkbook, paying off bills, what is a credit report and what does bad credit mean and the sensible use of a credit card are all discussed and made understandable. User friendly popular games and visuals are used to get the message across in this "Money Matters" center offered course. Classes held weekly illustrate how important a bad decision can be to one's financial future. The money matters course clearly define precautions and offers solutions.

These young adults are constantly being bombarded by the media, peers and greedy sales clerks to buy, buy, buy or with the use of a credit card, charge, charge, charge! With the clear understanding, sooner or later we must pay our bills or serve the consequences. Of course, the student must buy into this concept. This is not an easy task with so many external forces in motion.

We can only hope the student pays heed to what the title of the course infers; "Money Matters!"

John Arthur

Business and Community Liaison

Westover Job Corps Center

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