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12:08:16 PM
Mike, you've hit on a pet peeve of mine for sure. I miss those video stores, and moreso, record stores. Used to be you could kill some time in those places, and meet a few people and chew the fat, and get some new ideas. I don't know how many times in the past I had some money burning a hole in my pocket and I'd walk out with some recommendation on a new album or band, or perhaps an unknown film or a book. Oftentimes you'd end up meeting someone who got to know you, someone you'd eventually see leave that job and pop up somewhere else. All these places employed people. It seems they are all gone now. My kids can pretty much download anything they want on the internet now, and movies are no longer a mystery. Books are on electronic devices known as kindle. I'm about your age Mike. I think we had it made, and its sad because we know we did.
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