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Mike, I would like to again thank you for the attention you bring to a very serious financial issue and the lack of common business sense/ judgement.

One excuse we are given as to why we did nto go out ot a bid is that we didn't have to. We are not required to go out to RFP/Bid onother financial matters but we do. Why? It is in the best interest of the taxpayers and demonstrates our "transparency". A term often used in Mayor Sarnos innagural speeches. However not demonstrated into action.

The City is "not required" to go out to obtain RFP or Bids on the Towing Contract nor are we required to seek RFP or Bids on the School Busing contract. Both lucrative contracts over a million dollars in value. However we have gone out to RFP/Bid and done so under the Sarno administration.

The City or Town is NOT required to go out to an RFP or Bid on an "Intergovernmental Contract" like we have just entered into with MassDevelopment for the use of the "old" Federal Building on Main Street for the School Department Administrative Offices. However typicaly the "intergovernmental contract clause is imposed only when it is an advantage to the City or Town. Never have I ever seen it invoked when it is to the DISADVATAGE to the tax payers.

To demonstrate how weak the argument is that we not go out to a RFP/Bid on behalf of the taxpayers to ensure we are spending monies wisely. If we were to move one block down to the Monarch Place building or the One Financial Plaza building we would still gain all of the economic development benefits that are cited by Mayor Sarno and save millions of dollars over a 20 year lease.

It is not unrealistic to expect responsible elected officials to save taxpayers monies. Nor is it unreasonable. In this case all we have to do is advertise the RFP. It is laready drafted and prepared to go out. The Mayor himself voted on March 5 of last year to seek public bids himself as Chairman of the School Committee. The City Council voted 7-2 (Walsh and Foley voted NO) to seek a public RFP. Any responsible business, homeowner or governmetal agency would seek a second price.

By the way did you know that MassDevelopment needed office space and they are not in the "old" Federal Building. They went out to an advertised bid. Funny how some things work?

Tim Rooke
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