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5:11:06 PM
Mike you are right on target concerning the development of some of the locations you cited in Springfield. I have asked for an update on the Elms Street project, York Street Jail location, Old Westinghouse location and last but not least where are we in the process to select a Economic Development Director for the City of Spfld?

I have invited the developer of the Elm Street project(O'Conell and Partners) to make a presentation as to where he stands and what if anything is standing in his way to move forward. He was just recently granted a prefered developer status into July of 2009.

I would like to have a luncheon briefing from the developers and from the City as to where we are on each of these projects. I intend to invite the downtown business community and any other interested parties who have questions. Communication is the best tool we have.

Tim Rooke

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