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4:06:47 PM
I pretty much never agree with your liberal views but I will back you in your decision to post the pic of Costa. It fit the story and by no means did the thought of gun violence come to mind and I am a gun owner. I would offer no apology to Costa as one is not needed. It is about time he feels some pressure. He is pompus and acts as if he is above the taxpayers of the town. I personally have dealt with him and found him to be dismissive and irresponsible.

In regards to the second half of your column I find it laughable. 99.9% of the people probably feel there is need for cost reform. That is not the issue. In your little sound bite Obama's ideas seem reasonable but it's just a bunch of BS. His ultimate goal is government run health care. I know that makes you liberals all warm and fuzzy on the inside. He will do this without adding to the deficit? Are you aware that Medicare has $85 TRILLION of UNFUNDED liability? Not one politician has been able to actually say how they will not add to the debt other than through "efficiency". Obama is nothing but a smooth talker. Unfortunately many of you are to ignorant to seek the truth.
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