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A Spiritual Awakening

We are all faced with many challenges during times like these. One way to stay positive is to focus on the "good" while ignoring the "bad". Following is a list of 12 things that will let you know that you are moving in the right direction: 1. An increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen. 2. Frequent attacks of smiling. 3. Feelings of being connected with others and nature. 4. Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation. 5. A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experience. 6. An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment. 7. A loss of ability to worry. 8. A loss of interest in conflict. 9. A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others. 10. A loss of interest in judging others. 11. A loss of interest in judging self. 12. Gaining the ability to love without expecting anything in return. — Author Unknown Sincerely, Chris & Dan, Awakened Co-Publishers P.S. Thank You to all our faithful readers and advertisers for welcoming us into your homes and hearts every week. Bookmark and Share
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