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CLASS of 2009

Graduates, as you ascend to your next stage in life, we simply remind you of the basic tools you learned in school- which now serve as tools for a lifetime. 1. The Paper= your future is a blank page right this minute- your entire future is ahead of you- what will your page say in 5 years, in 10 years? From this day on- only you control your future. 2. The Ruler= How will you measure your success? What standards will you use? Your character will determine your measure in life. 3. The Compass= What will guide your direction in life? Make sure your life has meaning. Be part of something bigger than yourself. Set your direction and pursue your goals. 4. The Glue= Stick to your goals. Be steadfast. Stay focused. 5. The Scissors= How will you shape your future? Will you cut and run when the going gets hard? Or, will you shape your future with hard work, determination, persistence, and personal goals. 6. The Rubber Band= Be flexible in adversity. Stretch yourself toward greatness. Learn to flex in hard times, and give abundantly in the good times. Remember, giving of yourself to others is the greatest of all gifts. 7. The Scotch Tape= Repair your own mistakes and clean up your own messes. Take responsibility. You will make your share of mistakes, and you will mess up from time to time. Be transparent and ask for forgiveness. Don't fear failure. If you don't try, you won't succeed. 8. The Crayons= Nature's rainbow tells us that beauty comes in all colors. Our world is a bouquet of flowers which complement each other. Diversity is the spice of life. Explore cultures, people, and values to bring diversity to your life. 9. Pencil Sharpener= Sharpen your skills. Graduation is the first of many accomplishments for you. Practice life-long learning. Each tomorrow brings a new opportunity to learn something new, and to learn something about yourself. By DR. EDWARD W. COSTA II EL Public Schools Superintendent Sincerely, Chris & Dan Grateful Co-Publishers & ELHS Graduates... Way Before 2009
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