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Happy Father's <del>Day</del> Minute

In today's hustle bustle world it is rare that we get to spend an entire day with our parents, children or loved ones. So, the concept of Father's Day sounds good on paper, but it it may no longer be possible (Now Dads, don't take this the wrong way... it is still possible to block out an entire day to spend with each other, but we have a better idea). Introducing Chris & Dan's Idea of the Week - Father's Day Minute. All of us can find the time to invest one minute per day to tell our loved ones that we love them, are thinking about them, etc. That's 365 minutes per year. We contest that a year's worth of minutes would mean way more to your dad than trying to squeeze a year's worth of thanks into one day. For one thing, we have trouble remembering what someone said last week let alone last year. Plus, who wants to wait an entire year to hear how great they are, generous they are, loved they are? Wouldn't it be great to hear it everyday instead? Now comes the fact that we should try to practice what we preach. Well, in the case of our father Carlo, that is really easy. When our beloved mom, Annie passed away on October 4, 2000 our dad became two parents in one! While Dad can't come close to duplicating Mom's meatball recipe - he has been able to duplicate her love and compassion for her children and our family and friends. Telling our dad we love him comes easy. That's not something we take for granted either. Thanks to the way our mom & dad raised us we could tell them we loved them (even in front of our friends), we could even ask them for their advice (although that took many years of trying to make it on our own and through much trial and error). So, we wish all our readers a Happy Father's day... enjoy every minute of it. If your dad has passed away, remember your dad's love lasts forever. Sincerely, Chris & Dan Two Macho Fathers with Big Hearts P.S. Thanks Dad for being there for us. We love you.
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