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If You Don't, Somebody Will.

Feb. 28, 2013 If you don't treat your customers like gold – SOMEBODY WILL! If you don't pay attention to detail – SOMEBODY WILL! If you don't treat your clients with respect – SOMEBODY WILL! If you don't answer your client's objections – SOMEBODY WILL! If you don't think topics such as these can mean your life or death as a business person – SOMEBODY WILL!
Certainly a list like this could go on and on. The point is, often it is the things that go unseen or unsaid that make or break a business. Following up on small details and doing more than what is asked of you is the only way to survive in today's business world. And if you're not willing to do these things, somebody else will. Put yourself to the challenge. Recognize clients' needs before they arise. Don't take current customers for granted. Give service, service and still more service. Again, we could talk about this all day, and make list after list. But the bottom line is, if you don't do it – regardless of what it is – somebody will! And you know what? When you think about it, somebody already does! Sincerely, Chris & Dan, Willing Co-Publishers P.S. Thank you to our advertisers. We appreciate your "willingness" to make our publications a part of your life. Bookmark and Share
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