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Pump Up Your Tires

If you were going down the road and you realized one of your tires was going flat, what would you do? You have options. You could do nothing and just sit there — immobile, stuck, frustrated. That would not fix the problem. You could stop every passerby to let him or her know how unhappy you are that your tire is going flat — whining and seeking a shoulder to cry on. That would not fix the problem. Or, you could limp on over to the closest gas station, invest 75 cents, and start pumping up the tire. At Reminder Publications we are prepared to pump up your tires and help you grow your business. We know that crying and complaining are not the answer to today's business challenges. Since 1962 we have been helping businesses grow by informing our readers of local products and services. So, don't just sit around talking about the economy — do something productive. Talk to your neighbors, friends, co-workers and anyone else who will listen. Together we can turn this economy around. We also know that these economic challenges are hitting home for many of our readers. We ask you to hang in there. Be tough. Be patient. Remain steadfast for your children. Young kids and teens know what's going on by watching their parents. Make sure you are setting the right example for your children. Honesty and reality are recommended, however please do not suck your kids into the fear trap being laid by the national media. If you have ideas on how to succeed in today's economy — please email us at: chrisb@thereminder.com or dan@thereminder.com. Sincerely, Chris & Dan, Pumped Up Co-Publishers Bookmark and Share
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