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Fourth Quarter, 2011-2012

Grade 9 First Honors — Carolyn Densmore, Scott Hebert, Carly Jillson, Kyra Robins Grade 10 First Honors — Ryan Duffy, Brianna O'Connell, Lindsey Robins Grade 11 First Honors — Shixuan Gu Grade 12 First Honors — Erin MacDonald, David Olczuk, Jacqueline Peret, Stephen Ruel, Brett Valcourt Grade 9 Second Honors — Shayla Geoffroy, Kylee Windyka Grade 10 Second Honors — Jonathan Lafrenaye Grade 12 Second Honors — Fatima Mourad Grade 10 Honorable Mention — Nicholas Brisbois, Brittany Pedraza, Bianca St. George Grade 11 Honorable Mention — Mohammad Mourad, Corey O'Connell, Fanping Zhang Grade 12 Honorable Mention — Anna Hemond, Zachary Korona, Eric Pikula

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