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Available for Adoption:

Available for Adoption:
Courtesy of Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society

Dutch Rabbit
Location: Springfield: Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society
Gender: Unknown
Age: 2 years

Thumper is one of many bunnies who arrived at Dakin recently. Thumper’s 2 years old, and ready to go home with a new family who will keep their new pet indoors for several reasons…rabbits like Thumper are very social and interactive and should be near their human companions, also the New England weather is too harsh for outdoor living and even in a cage, a bunny is way too vulnerable to predators who can get in backyards. Bunnies like Thumper should be allowed out of their cage INDOORS each day to get some running and jumping exercise. Whatever room you allow your bunny to play in should be “bunny proofed,” which involves covering all electrical wires (they’re a favorite for rabbits to gnaw), phone, computer and TV wires…even houseplants. Always supervise your bunny’s playtime outside the cage, and if you choose to let them outdoors, your yard must be fenced in and you should stay with them. Rabbits can quickly dig under fences.

Quick facts about rabbits:
· Grass hay and pellets, along with fresh, leafy greens are their daily food items
· The minimum recommended cage length for one rabbit is 3-4 feet, but bigger is always better. Be sure that it’s a solid-bottom cage, as wire-bottom cages can ulcerate a rabbit’s feet. If you do have a wire-bottom cage, cover the bottom with wood, towels or carpeting.
· They’re clean by nature and will use a lined litter box (line it with newspaper, fill with hay or pelleted litter. Never pine or cedar shavings or clay cat litter. These can make rabbits ill).
· All rabbits adopted at Dakin will either go home spayed/neutered or you can return to Dakin for this service as soon as the rabbit is physically ready for it.
· Rabbits love toys to satisfy their urges to dig and chew. Suggested items: cardboard boxes, old phone directories and commercially-made chew sticks. A digging box (cardboard box filled halfway with soil or shredded paper) is always a fun item for them.
· Plan to clean their cage once or twice weekly, and their litterbox daily.

Website: Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society
Phone Dakin: 413-781-4000
Email Dakin: info@dpvhs.org

Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society provides shelter, education, advocacy, and assistance for animals and people in need. Dakin is a local, private, non-profit organization that relies solely on contributions from individuals and businesses who care about animals to bring its services to the community.

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