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Poetry & Prose Online

Poetry & Prose Online
"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."
~ Edgar Allan Poe
Are you a poet or writer who does not have an outlet for your work? Are you looking to put your poetry out there for the masses to read? Well Reminder Publications now has a page, Poetry & Prose Online, where local writers and poets can have their works viewed on a daily basis.

Please submit no more than two poems per month, one poem per e-mail. For each poem, type "Poetry (or Prose) submission" in the subject line. Poems should be in the body of your e-mail message. Your name and poem title should be included above your poem. Please do not put submissions or poetry titles in all caps. Submissions which are not properly formatted will not be posted.

We have a family-oriented Web site so submissions must not contain racist, vulgar, violent, explicit or implied language. We reserve the right to refuse submissions.

Material other than poetry or prose should be submitted to the appropriate editor.

Email your poems or prose to our Poetry Editor for possible online placement.

NEW FEATURE Poetry & Prose Online is now accepting headshots of artists via email to run on their poetry page. All you have to do is send your headshot to the Poetry Editor.

Arline G. Wright
Arline G. Wright
Caitlyn Cannone
Carol Campbell
Cathelyn Marie
Christina Skuse
Meagan Phillips
Claudette L. Kiely
Claire O Connell
Claudette L. Kiely
Crystal Senter Brown
David K. Weiner
Dimitri Rimsky
Donna Solitario
Joyce C. Lock
Falynne Couron
Gail Andrews
John Liddington
Jonathon Marley
Joyce C. Lock
Joy Hibsher
Karla Dawson
Judy Cohen
Karla Dawson
Laura Chagnon
Liam McDonough
Lisa Martin
Mary Matthews
Patty Guilmette
Megan Pezzetta
Michael Morrissette
Nancy Heath
Nijah Adams
Patty Guilmette
Ralph Joseph Ferraro
Robert Gigliotti
Ron DuBour

> Poetry & Prose > Poetry & Prose Online
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