Christmas in the Woods

"Lord!" I prayed as I walked along the dark street,
cold, tired and weary, with nothing to eat.
The dark cold air surrounds me, and I stop to see
soft pastel lights coming from the forest trees.

The trees glistened with rainbow lights,
and what I saw was an amazing sight.
For there in the moonlight, with stars aglow,
there was a table set, and, don't you know,

in the midst of all I see and hear
was a fairy with a soft voice saying, "Come near!"

She touched my feet, and, don't you know,
I was dressed like a princess from head to toe.
The stars lit up the dew that lay on the trees,
and all the food I liked was there for me.

So I ate my fill, then thought, "Why me?"
My lord's answer was, "My child, I love thee!"

That night in the snow my body was found,
but the people didn't know I had a harp and crown.
For even though I'm only six or seven,
my food now I eat in Heaven.

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