Rainbows from God

I woke up early as the sun crested over the mountain. The skies turned from dark to soft pink like cotton candy. The dew glistened on the life-veins of the leaves. Softly the sun warmed the dew, changing it to air, and it faded away. Then I noticed my tree had a new color. The green colors were touched by the Master's magic brush. They were no longer green, but yellow, red, rusty orange. It was like a rainbow, but deeper in color.
As I lay on my bed I thought of my own life that God's hand had so wonderfully touched and changed. I was always known as a dreamer, and rebellious. Now I see these colors of my life differently. The rebelliousness kept me alive and made me a survivor. The dreams always gave me new hope for tomorrow. When I was little I dreamed of being able to read for myself, and able to write what I thought. Now some of that dream has come true. Now I face the dream of my life.
I can only praise God for His rainbows in my life and His dreams in my heart and future. But most of all my hope for tomorrow is that my children may be able to dream, to hope, and to be all they can. It's a brighter future with God's rainbow in view.

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