Life's Greatest Lessons

When you are faced with trials and tribulation,
And still confront the day with pleasant smile.
When you are pushed for more participation,
And still are glad to go that extra mile.

When you are asked to aid poor populations,
And still with cheer pull out that extra bill.
When you are called to help the weak and homeless,
And still are pleased to say, "Of course I will."

When you are sent to comfort one with sorrow,
And speak the words that soothe an anxious breast.
When you are begged to help a perfect stranger,
And still provide relief, and do your best.

When you are faced with someone really suffering,
And still can feel their pain as if your own.
When you are pressed to hinder right or justice,
But call for truth in loud and fervent tone.

When you are moved to seek the young and helpless,
To bring to them the sense of hope, not fear.
When you can stand among a few survivors,
And still convey the thought that God is near.

Then friend, you re blessed with grace and honor,
And many jewels will surely fill your crown.
You ve learned the lessons few will ever master.
And none of life's mishaps will get you down.

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