A Senior's Message to Parents

It's supposed to be fun
A great time in one's life,
Then why is senior year
Filled with such strife?
I try to do my studies
But so much is on my mind,
When I graduate from here
What kind of work will I find?
Or where should I continue
Should I go away or stay near,
And what should be my major
That seems my greatest fear.
Listening to rules, having boundaries,
I think I want to get away,
Now that senior year's almost over
Perhaps I want to stay.
I mean if I go to school closer
I can leave for a home cooked meal,
Or just stop and see my folks
And tell them how I feel.
My thoughts are so confusing
The colleges are letting me know,
But I just can't truly decide
Where it is I wish to go.
I know it will be hard
To leave high school behind,
Not knowing when I venture forth
What I will truly find.
My comfort zone is here
I have friends and family,
Yet when I leave this area
It will all be new to me.
It's difficult to concentrate
On my studies instead,
While all of this stuff
Is circling in my head.
So I may not share this
But things are somewhat scary,
So try to understand
If I seem a little wary.
A big change is going to happen
I hope I don't incur your wrath,
Instead I need your understanding
As I walk this brand new path.
So folks, help me with my future
Be I your daughter or son,
I think I'm all grown-up
But the truth is.I've just begun.

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