My Secret Sandbar

Salty sprays of summer

Set a brackish bliss upon my lips

That by some enchanting effect of nature

Surrounds me with a soft, snug serenity of spirit.

I yearn to embrace my secret sandbar

And encounter the coastal caress of oceanic breezes

Blowing my cares far, far away.

Silent in my shoreline splendor,

I scrutinize Terns swooping in the sky,

Warning me not to get too close to their pleasure sea.

Gulls glide on the breath of a breeze.

I venture to grasp their unruffled calm,

Gazing at their lofty wings

Floating in and out of cumulus clouds

That puff into paisley Humpbacks.

I drift whispering a prayer to save the whales.

As sunbeams shimmer on my stillness,

I muse on Sandpipers

Swift-stepping like skittish women

At the ripple edge of frothy whitecaps.

They are easily frightened, quick to shy;

Perchance, harboring phantoms

Of widow-walkers waiting

For their men who went down to sea in ships.

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