Cathedral hockey team to begin training at Conca Sport and Fitness facility

WEST SPRINGFIELD The Cathedral High School hockey team will begin formal off-ice strength and conditioning at Conca Sport and Fitness in West Springfield beginning June 23.

The Cathedral hockey team will take part in a nine-week strength and conditioning program with the focus on injury reduction as well as maximizing strength, power and speed.

"We are extremely excited for our players to be exposed to a professional strength and conditioning program," Coach Foley said.

"Well-designed strength and conditioning programs have shown to be the number one preventative agent in reducing the incidents of overuse and non-contact injuries in young athletes. Until now there has not been a viable resource for young athletes to improve their performance with this type of training in Western Massachusetts," Steve Conca, owner, said.

He added, "The Cathedral hockey program has a great reputation for producing not only high level hockey players, but first class student athletes as well. We are very proud to be associated with this program and we are looking forward to working with the players and parents."

Conca Sport and Fitness is a comprehensive athletic development training facility that works specifically with athletes to reduce the risk of injuries and improve performance. A well designed program will not only dramatically enhance the performance on-field, ice or on-court but will reduce the likelihood of non-contact injuries.

For more information please call Conca at 304-2350 or visit

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