Senior Kyle DiFranco sets ELHS goals record at 135...for now

Kyle Difranco
By Courtney Llewellyn

Reminder Assistant Editor

EAST LONGMEADOW Kyle DiFranco isn't sure if he'll break two records in this, his last season playing hockey for East Longmeadow High School, but he's already broken one.

The senior, who fills the forward left wing position on the high school's hockey team, currently has 135 career goals, three more than Paul Marchese, who played for the school from 2002 to 2006. DiFranco overcame Marchese's record during ELHS' game against Westfield on Jan. 10.

"I did not even know about the record [going into that game]," DiFranco told Reminder Publications. "I don't really care about points, I'm just worrying about winning the game."

He did admit that it felt good setting a new record.

"I realized I accomplished something," he said.

The team has at least 10 games left in its season, and during that time, DiFranco may approach another record, 176, set by Tony Levesque.

"One hundred fifty-four is second place," he explained. "I might be able to reach that."

He said his ultimate goal in his last year of high school hockey is to win the Western Mass championship. The Spartans have come close in his past three years, but have never claimed the title. With their win over Westfield, East Longmeadow has moved into sole possession of first place in the Berry Division.

"I know I made a mark somewhere [with my points record]," DiFranco stated, "but it doesn't mean anything without a championship. I think we can get it this year."

DiFranco said he started skating at age four and that his older brother was the one who got him interested in hockey. He is an all-around athlete, and explained that he's playing some sport in every season of every year.

In addition to hockey, he also plays golf and baseball. He said he's looking at attending Springfield College to play baseball for the school.

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