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Larry Miller set to bring his one-man show to CityStage

March 5, 2012 By G. Michael Dobbs news@thereminder.com Larry Miller is a guy with a lot going on. He's not complaining, though. He loves it. The stand-up comedian, actor and writer recently finished a role in a film, writes and records a weekly podcast and is a doting father. He has developed the creative vehicle that intrigues him perhaps more than any other of his show business endeavors: a one-man show. "Cocktails with Larry Miller: Little League, Adultery and Other Bad Ideas" is coming to CityStage from March 21 through 24. Speaking to Reminder Publications last week, Miller said his one-man show "is something I will do the rest of my life." He explained that while being alone on stage is nothing new for a veteran stand-up comic, "a one man show is different than stand-up. There are pieces [in it] that wouldn't function as stand-up." The show combines several of Miller's interests: comedy, acting and music. He was a music major at Amherst College and the show features several original songs he has written as well as several parody songs. His acting roles started with a smarmy salesman in "Pretty Woman," and have included additional movies such as "The Princess Diaries," "The Nutty Professor," "Best in Show" and "The Mighty Wind." On television, he's had dramatic assignments such as an unrepentant wife killer on "Law & Order." Miller explained that having acted on stage, he knows that "once a play gets locked, even if it's a great play, it's locked in. You don't feel the need to grow." "Cocktails," though, allows him the ability to alter the material as he sees fit. "I expect to live another 300 to 400 years and will continue to work on it," he quipped. He added, "Walking out on stage and doing a lighting check [for 'Cocktails'], now that's a good place to be." Miller said that he recently completed a role in a new film by director Michael Polish — best known for the film "The Astronaut Farmer" — and the day after he wrapped his footage he was performing "Cocktails" in Stowe, Vt. He then brought the show to a theater in Queens, N.Y. He likes having a varied career like that, but he corrects this reporter when the word "fallback" is used to describe "Cocktails." "It's not a fallback," Miller said. "It's a fall-forward." When asked about his writing regime, Miller said with his trademark timing "I'm desperately scratching for more time." He said when he hears about an author going "to a cabin in the woods for a year and half to write," his reply is "Who does that?" Miller explained he got up at 6 a.m. on the day of this interview so he could get an hour to write before he woke up his wife and children. Once breakfast, making lunches for his children and getting them to school was completed, Miller said he had the "great luxury" of writing from 9 a.m. to noon, although he said this time was punctuated by answering emails and taking phone calls. "I'm not complaining. I love every minute of it," he added. He also loves recording his weekly podcast, "This Week with Larry Miller," which is available on iTunes. "There are no guests. It's just me telling stories," Miller explained. He said he usually writes down 10 subjects and manages to talks about two of them in the half-hour recording. Speaking of his career he said, "I was made to do this. I'm a story teller." For ticket information, go to www.symphonyhall.com. Bookmark and Share

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